5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Training

Did you know that private dog training typically costs between $30 and $100 per hour? This can be difficult to squeeze into an already-tight budget, but not training your dog shouldn’t be your only alternative to expensive classes. While dogs with serious behavioral issues should be seen by a qualified professional, owners who just want to train their dog some basic skills and tricks or resolve a minor behavioral issue can save money on dog training with these ideas:

Drop-In Class or One-Time Seminar

Owner training Rottweiler to walk on a leash.

If your schedule is hectic and constantly changing, then signing up for a regular 6-8 week class might not be an option. On the other hand, if you have an open schedule but your local dog trainer’s prices are way out of your budget, then you could opt to drop into a class once or twice or find a one-time training seminar offered by a local dog trainer. You don’t need professional training for the rest of your dog’s life if you just want her to learn some basic commands, so short-term lessons would be useful if you’re willing to practice what you learned at home.

Rescue Dog Discounts

Did you adopt your dog from a shelter or rescue? If so, one of the ways dog trainers give back to their communities and support animal rescues is by offering discounts to dogs with verifiable adoption papers. This may range from 10-30% off the normal price of training lessons or group classes, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Group Classes

If you live near a dog training center, then you might be able to find group classes offered at much cheaper rates than private or semi-private lessons. Group classes are beneficial for dogs who are not aggressive towards other dogs because they can help you socialize a pup of any age in addition to learning new skills alongside their new friends and their owners.

Free Online Videos

Photo Credit: Training Positive

As with anything in life, there’s no such thing as a perfect dog trainer. What methods work for one dog may be completely useless for another dog, so it’s important to test out various humane methods to determine which approach is best for your dog. While a professional trainer could help you personalize a training plan for your dog, this can be cost-prohibitive for many dog owners, which leaves the option of free online dog training videos.

YouTube is a great place to start searching for different videos posted by professional dog trainers. They offer their instructional videos for free to help others with their dogs while building their reputations as competent dog trainers. Some popular channels include: SolidK9Training, Off Leash K9 Training, and Training Positive, to name a few. You might also search for specific behaviors and skills you want to correct or develop – just be sure to stick to humane methods because unfortunately there are some bad egg trainers out there who still recommend physically hitting dogs or yanking on their leashes to get them to behave.

Amazon Treats

What can you do if your dog is more treat-motivated than toy-motivated in training lessons? Amazon is awesome for pet owners, and finding a massive variety of affordable, healthy, and yummy treats to use in dog training sessions is no problem on a site that offers literally thousands of different items for dog owners.

One of the best treats to use for dog training is beef liver, which contains as much as 100x more protein and nutrients than muscle meat. Beef liver may smell bad to humans, but for dogs, it’s heavenly! This means that you’ll not only keep your dog’s attention during the training session but you’ll also cut back their calories (freeze-dried beef liver chunks average 5 calories apiece) and be able to treat them constantly without worrying about overfeeding them.

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