How to Find Free Pet Supplies

Who doesn’t love free stuff? There are countless opportunities to win free pet supplies online, but sometimes they’re hard to find. If you want to try a new variety of cat treats or add new toys to your dog’s growing collection, then here are a few ideas for scoring free pet supplies:

Instagram and Facebook Contests

Social media is one of the best places to look for pet-themed contests and giveaways. Searching for specific hashtags like #PetContest or #DogContest or #Giveaway can help you easily find Instagram users who are offering cool prizes for lucky dogs and their owners. Prizes may include collars, leashes, pet fashion, luxurious dog beds, cool new cat toys, and more! Contests will typically ask you to follow the host’s account and tag a friend in the comments, so be sure to thoroughly read the rules before entering.

Facebook contests are also searchable, but the hashtag search isn’t as streamlined as you’ll find on Instagram. If you follow cool pet pages on Facebook, you’ll see their contest announcements right in your newsfeed whenever they start. Major pet-related brands, pet stores, and subscription box companies often host photo contests with prizes that include pet supplies or gift cards, so don’t miss these cool opportunities to show off pictures of your pets and potentially win free stuff!

Ask Your Favorite Pet Brand for Samples

If you’re not interested or not having much luck with social media contests, then you might consider reaching out to your favorite brands for free samples. Companies with social media savvy may respond more quickly on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most common social media channels for pet supply companies), while other companies may respond to emails instead. This requires some patience on your end because these companies may not have free samples (or respond to you at all), but if you really show your enthusiasm for these companies’ products in your message, then you might just get lucky!


If you’re not sure what free samples to look for or you don’t have time to contact several companies and wait for a response, then Hunt4Freebies’ pet stuff section is ideal for finding readily available free samples. You might find anything from downloadable coupons to use at your local pet store to free pet treat samples. Be sure to act fast because supplies are often limited!


If you want free pet supplies in your area, then Craigslist is a great place to start looking. The pets/animals section can be a great place to start (though I recommend using search filters to exclude listings of pets for sale from breeders and pet stores). You can also look in the “free stuff” section to see if someone is giving away a box of tennis balls, toys their dogs didn’t play with, or even bigger items like crates, cat perches, and doggy gates from folks who are moving or upgrading after their puppy grew up.

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