5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Dog Toys

If your dog is anything like mine, then they probably destroy toys faster than you can buy them new ones. My rescue pup Luna is a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix, so she can never have enough tennis balls and she gleefully shreds through any stuffed animal unfortunate enough to cross paths with her. To save money on dog toys, here are a few strategies I’ve come up with:

Buy Durable Toys

Durability is a must-have feature for dog toys, especially if your dog is more of a chewer than a retriever. Several dog toy companies like Kong and West Paw Design specialize in making durable dog toys build to withstand even the most destructive chewers. Many durable toys function like puzzles for the dogs to figure out how to get to the tasty treats at the center or offer the added benefit of dental scrubbing as the dog’s teeth grinds against the toy. Be sure to look out for durability ratings on the toys to see which one would be perfect for your dogs.

Chewy Toys

Spending a ton of money on dog toys that you know won’t last long can be a bummer, so Chewy offers great prices on pet supplies and dog toys for frugal-minded pet owners. Chewy has everything from chewable treats and plush toys to interactive toys with ropes and puzzles, all at reasonable prices.

Dollar Store Finds 

If your dog is a toy destroyer, then toys from the dollar store might not last more than a few minutes. However, dollar stores are also great places to find tennis balls and Frisbees of similar quality to those you’d find in a regular pet store. For your dog’s safety, be sure to only buy toys intended for pets because kids’ toys could be harmful!

Alternatively, you could also find cheap dog toys on wholesale pet supply websites or check out the bargain bin at your local pet store.

Dog Toys on eBay

Do you prefer buying dog toys in bulk? If so, then eBay is a great option for dog owners looking to save money on dog toys because many sellers offer both individual toys and lots with a dozen or more toys. Oftentimes these toys are brand new (check the item description to make sure), so you could score some great new items for your pup’s toy box without breaking the bank.

Free Pet Supplies 

There are several places to find free pet supplies, such as Craigslist and garage sales. Some folks might be giving away toys their dogs didn’t like to play with, so take advantage of the opportunity to get free stuff! As the saying goes, “One dog’s trash is another dog’s treasure,” right?



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