How to Prepare Your Pets for a Move

Are you moving within the next few months? If so, there are several considerations to make to help your pets transition to their new home. Moving into a new place might be fun for the humans in the family, but a different environment, unfamiliar smells, and the stressed out vibes given off by their owners can make moving an uncomfortable or even scary experience for our pets.

Since science has shown pets help humans feel less stressed, now is the perfect time to return the favor and do anything you can to reduce your pets’ stress levels. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe and sound during a hectic move:

Microchips & ID Tags

Keep your pets’ ID tags current (e.g., get your new address listed before or by Day 1 in your new home) and make sure they’re microchipped before you move. Even if you’re only moving locally, the new environment may cause your pets to flee in fear of unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s important to safeguard against any escape attempts that might occur before they feel comfortable in their new home.

Keep a Familiar Toy or Blanket Handy

One of the most important factors when it comes to calming your pets during a stressful move is giving them consistent access to a familiar object, such as their favorite toy or blanket. The familiar smell and feel of the object will help your pet feel centered and comfortable even while the home they’ve known for a long time is being wrapped up and packed away into strange boxes.

Rely on a Pet Sitter for a Few Days

This option is not ideal for pets with separation anxiety, but it could be useful for keeping your pets safe during the final stretch of packing, moving furniture, and loading up the moving truck. Why lock your pet up in a room or crate for several hours to keep them out of the way during the hectic moving process when you can have someone else take care of them and play with them while you focus on your move? Alternatively, you may want to drop them off at daycare during the week before your move to ensure they get the exercise and attention they need without distracting you from your seemingly endless to-do list.

Unpack the Pet Box First

When you arrive at your new home, unpack your pets’ boxes first and foremost. You want to speed up the assimilation process as much as possible, and bringing out all their favorite toys, beds, and bowls is one of the easiest things you can do to make them feel right at home in this otherwise unfamiliar environment they’re supposed to call home.

Concluding Thoughts on Moving with Pets

Moving with your pets doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for you or them. Just be sure to prioritize your pets’ comfort at all times – even if that means taking time away from packing to play with them for a while – and you’ll be able to establish a pet-friendly home in your new apartment or house in no time.

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